HB Auto Lock are recognised experts in the field of Transponder immobiliser keys.

We have a programming solution for every make and model available in NZ.

How a Transponder based Immobiliser system works:

When the key is inserted into the ignition, the Engine Control Unit, (ECU) verifies the transponder in the key. If it checks out ok, the computer sends a signal to the engine to start.

Some manufacturers require you to have a pin number or even an existing programmed key before allowing extra keys to be added to your car which is why you should contact us to find out what's involved BEFORE you lose your last key!

Transponders are small electronic chips which are inserted into the head of a key. They allow the vehicle's computer to electronically verify that the key being used to start the engine is authorised to do so.
Obtaining extra keys for a transponder equipped vehicle means having the correct mechanical key programmed into your vehicle by a locksmith.

Do YOU have a transponder key?

Take a look at your car key. (This is a fun thing to do every now and then anyway!)
Was your car manufacturered after 1995? Does it have a plastic head?
If the answer is yes, then you MAY have a chipped key. Transponders can be very small and you might not even notice the difference between a chipped and a non-chipped key.

If you have a Transponder key, it is important that you contact us to find out what is involved in getting a spare!
Even if you may not want one today, the difference between getting a key when you have a working one and when you have no keys, can be THOUSANDS of dollars.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then you MAY have a chipped key. Take it into your local locksmith, or better yet contact us and we can probably tell you over the phone!


Answer this!

If you answer YES to any of the following questions then you MAY have a chipped key.
Take it into your local locksmith, or better yet contact us and we can probably tell you over the phone!
Q1: Is it less than 25 years old? (95 or later)
Transponders were introduced from '95 onwards. If your vehicle is later than this it might be transponder equipped!
Q2: Does the key have a pastic head?
Transponders are almost always buried into the plastic of a key head. They are not very big so the key might just look like a normal key!
Q3: Is the keyhole in the corner (Ford/Mazda)
The chips in Ford and Mazda keys are normally mounted to one side! If the hole in the key which attaches to your keyring is in the top corner, then you probably have a chipped key!
Q4: Are there any letters stamped on the key blade?
Many manufacturers use letters and symbols engraved into the top of the key blade to identify a transponder key!
Q5: Is the head of your key a different colour?
Many manufacturers use colours other than black to identify a chipped key! Popular colours include grey, red and blue!
Q6: Do you have remotes in the head of your key?
From 2003 onwards many manufacturers intergrated transponders with keyless entry functions. If your car is later than 2003 and you have buttons in the keyhead, you MAY have a transponder!

There are many ways to identify a transponder equipped vehicle, but the easiest one is just to phone us!

Do it now while you still have a working key! 0224 22 88 65! Do it now!

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