I'm laughing because he's forgotten to switch the machine on. #Rookiemistakes

In addition to his regular day job as an Automotive Locksmithing guru, Jeremy teaches other locksmiths a range of different skills.

Jeremy has personally taught classes in NZ, Australia and around the world. If YOU are a locksmith or represent a security related group and would like training, feel free to contact Jeremy directly, jeremy@hbautolock.co.nz

(Please note: We do not provide locksmith specific training to non-locksmiths.)

Teaching locksmithing has many direct benefits to running HB Auto Lock. It provides us with an invaluable network of suppliers, resources and fellow locksmiths from around the world. All of this helps us maintain the high standard of excellence enjoyed by our favourite customers home in Hawke's Bay!

If YOU have a unique problem with a unique vehicle, WE have the unique skills required to sort it out!

HB Auto Lock Ltd is an awesome locksmith company based in Hastings, Hawke's Bay specialising in automotive locksmithing.
Our operation is fully mobile and we will come to YOU!
Phone us now to discuss your needs!


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